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The Daigo Partnership began in 2019 bringing together the University of West England, Bristol and Daughters of Africa in a dynamic partnership providing a platform for the personal and professional development of UWE students and Gambian youth.

UWE Focus

  • A 4-week placement for 40 UWE students from across the faculties and departments.
  • Enabling multidisciplinary practice and a clear understanding of collaborations across the university.
  • Facilitating students’ subject learning and experience at an international level.
  • Providing an experience where students can connect their subject to enterprise in communities and directly support learning.
  • Broadening students’ knowledge of global realities and fostering international mobility especially for Internationals students.

DOAF Focus

  • Building skills and learning across our partnerships.
  • Enabling international partnerships to grow.
  • Fostering opportunities for further education.
  • Developing and modeling good leadership.
  • Inspiring new enterprises.
  • Investing in young people and their communities